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The Trio

Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds is an international speaker, two-times best selling author and a leading property investor. 


Samuel had a spiritual experience in 2007 which resulted in him leaving his job to pursue ministry and become a property investor. The church challenged his motives and desire to succeed which led him to go to Bible college for three years and study Biblical Economics. Samuel came to the conclusion that God had given him an entrepreneurial brain, and he had to use it! 

Today, Samuel is the CEO of six successful companies as well as owning over £4M of property throughout the UK. He has inspired tens of thousands of people across the world to invest smarter and to live better. 

Russell Leeds

Russell is a highly successful entrepreneur, trainer and property investor. He is an expert at business growth and systemization.


Russell regularly speaks in front of hundreds of people and has appeared on BBC news as well as being featured in several newspapers.


After leaving his £15,000 per year job aged 23, he now co-runs Leeds Group Holdings, who with a small team of only 30 staff, turnover over £10M a year.


Russell recently made the national press when he purchased the historic 16th Century mansion, Ribbesford House adding it to his ever growing property portfolio. Along with his brother Samuel he runs a successful training company called ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds.’ Their mission is to help as many people as possible become financially free and they have already helped tens of thousands of aspiring property investors.

Alasdair Cunningham

Alasdair left school and started a modern apprenticeship in commercial vehicle engineering,  he worked for a national coach company through his college apprenticeship and was lucky enough to travel all over the UK and Europe repairing buses and coaches. 

As he reached the end of his apprentice-ship he was eager to develop and earn more money and at the age of 23 decided to leave the company and start my own business. Unheard off in the commercial vehicle industry for someone so young to branch out on their own.


Within 4 years I had a large workshop, staff and a business generating over just under £400k in income.

Alasdair is now a full time property investor and entrepreneur and is a director at Samuel Leeds ltd.

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